At the basis of secret.rar, a project from 2014 was the question; is data still information if it cannot be accessed anymore?

Triggered by my dayjob workingin an archive, the work consisted of a computer file that was archived using the WinRar software, using a password of 64 random strings, and encrypted using the TrueCrypt application, again with a (different) 64 character password.

The usb flash drive with this already hard-to-crack (maybe impossible?) file was then encapsulated in resin, the resin block in concrete, then in a block of lead etc.

This resulted in a series of five wooden crates of the same dimensions and weight, one of which contains the original drive. In principle these can undergo an infinite number of future iterations, each one making the information harder to reach.

>>>>> secret.rar featured over at Vice’s Motherboard (2014)