the Conquest of Happiness



“The Conquest of Happiness”, by Winner Of The Nobel Prize, Bertrand Russell. On the back cover of the cheap edition paperback it promises “THE SIMPLE SECRET OF JOY”. Splendid.


I bought it years ago in a secondhand bookstore, mainly because it had been tunneled by a bookworm —>.
I’ve never actually read it, but the smell was great and still is, although it is slowly fading away.

I was hoping to find a way to preserve the fragrance of second hand books, a smell that I’m sure a lot of people are fond of. Off some books’ pages come stories telling about people’s lives and their dwellings, the cigarettes they’ve been smoking and the meals they have been eating, stories not printed on the paper, but rather imprinted ín it.

It has probably been done before(1) but “The Conquest of Happiness” is too good a name for a perfume to not try and make one. A perfume for bibliophiles.



preparation: book, dish, lard



Shredding the book. Shredded, the pages are notably more fragrant than whole. This is good.
Next up we’ll put the paper on top of the lard in the glass dish, cover and let stand for a day, then refresh the paper; repeat this procedure for a while. The fragrance will migrate into the lard.




to be continued